Piano Scale & Arpeggio Fingering Cards

Quantity (each pack: 5 cards)

Quantity (each pack 5 cards)

I wanted my piano students to have a quick and easy reference for all scale and arpeggio fingerings, but I didn’t feel that an entire book should be necessary, nor did I want to continue writing fingerings into their notebooks.

Using colors to show fingerings that are the same from one scale/arpeggio to another, I created this double-sided card, which shows hands-together fingerings in the simplest and most compact possible way for all of the following hands together parallel scales and arpeggios:

  • all 48 major/minor scales
  • all 24 major/minor arpeggios
  • all 12 dominant 7th arpeggios
  • all 7 ways to play the 3 diminished 7th arpeggios
  • three fingerings for the chromatic scale
  • two fingerings for chromatic minor thirds


  • Before laminating, the paper is trimmed down to 6.75″ x 9.5″ (or about 17×24 cm)
  • Laminated margins are cut down to 1/8″ – the final is small enough to act as a big bookmark for students’ sheet music or notebook.
  • Laminated with 5mil thickness – very sturdy. My students’ cards still look brand new after years of use.
  • The laminated corners are rounded.
  • Great for evaluations and auditions, or for day-to-day use by students during normal practicing.
  • The front of the card also includes instructions for late beginners to be able to quickly play 4-octave hands-together scales.

Scale & Arpeggio Fingering Card sampleOne pack of 5 cards can be ordered for $20 (price includes media mail shipping to the 48 contiguous states). Larger quantities can be ordered for discounted prices.

  • One pack: $20
  • Two packs: $19 per pack ($38)
  • Three packs: $18 per pack ($54)
  • Four packs: $17 per pack ($68)
  • Five or more packs: $16 per pack ($80 or more)

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