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Chad is a pianist, composer, piano teacher and blogger with a Masters Degree in Piano Performance. He received the 2005 Nevada Arts Council Fellowship Grant for the composing and performing on his Ostinato CD.

Two-Piano Teaching Duets for Burgmüller’s Op. 100

Three years ago, in a lesson I was giving to my oldest daughter, she completed a Burgmüller piece from the Op. 100 set. After I put a sticker [..]

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Ethical Concerns With Online Conferences

Private music teachers, I’d like to propose a business deal. Here are the terms: You compose a musical work, put together and record a well-researched presentation, write a [..]

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Is Music a Language?

One of my hobbies is debate, especially when it involves a philosophical element. Years ago in an online piano discussion forum, someone declared that music is not a [..]


Flat Tuition Payments For Private Music Lessons

Years ago, a piano teaching colleague and friend of mine gave up teaching piano and switched careers. I could hardly believe this, because whenever we talked on the phone, [..]

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Ten Rejected Topics For Piano Teacher Conferences

Adding Verbal Color to Clementi & Burgmuller Discover the excitement that so many teachers are missing out when they omit profane language from their teaching of late beginning and early intermediate repertoire. [..]


Hammering: Gaining and Maintaining Control in Dexterous Piano Playing

When students play piano passages that push the student to (or near) their limit of dexterity, every student except the extremely gifted will demonstrate a lack of control. [..]


Music Teachers Associations: Stages for Showcasing or Hospitals for Healing?

In 2012, I moved across the country and joined two different music teachers associations. One of these associations held certain education and experience requirements for joining, a foreign [..]

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Why Rubrics Do Not Work For Competitions and Music Festivals

This article explains why rubrics are not appropriate for evaluation of musical performances, despite the success of rubrics in academic evaluations. Read more »

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Piano Scale & Arpeggio Fingering Cards

I wanted my piano students to have a quick and easy reference for all scale and arpeggio fingerings, but I didn’t feel that an entire book should be [..]

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Chad’s YouTube Picks 7-9

Speaking Piano For those readers who do play piano at a high level, surely you’ve had lessons at some point in your life during which your instructor asked [..]

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