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Chad is a pianist, composer, piano teacher and blogger with a Masters Degree in Piano Performance. He received the 2005 Nevada Arts Council Fellowship Grant for the composing and performing on his Ostinato CD.

Thinking Twice About Strict Make-Up Lesson Policies

Many private music teachers have harsh make-up lesson policies or policies that deny make-up lessons altogether, and we are told in journal articles, conference sessions, blogs and teacher forums that this practice is a sign of professionalism. This is not true. Read more »

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We Need More Honesty in Music Advocacy

This article seeks to help the cause of music advocacy by identifying its weakest (and yet most commonly advanced) arguments (citing of secondary benefits, pocketbook bias, and use of anecdotes) and by presenting a more honest way to advocate for music to stay (or grow) in schools. Read more »

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The Reality of Music and Creativity

The development of creativity is perhaps the most cited secondary benefit of musical study by music advocates, and yet musical instruction as it exists in current public K-12 education is one of the worst ways to promote creativity. Read more »

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Teaching My Own Children To Play Piano

Whenever I tell people that I give piano lessons to my own daughters, the most common response is any combination of joy and curiosity, such as, “That’s great [..]

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How Multilevel Music Stores And “Schools” Hurt Private Music Teachers

“Why be the cow when you can be the farmer?” In my previous article, How Music Teacher Directories Hurt Private Music Teachers, I began with the same quote and compared [..]

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How Music Teacher Directories Hurt Private Music Teachers

“Why be the cow when you can be the farmer?” I’m not sure where this quote originates, but I heard it in a Leverage episode from season 3 [..]

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Chad’s YouTube Picks 4-6

I’ve been away from blogging for a few months now, obviously due to the time requirements of moving across the country.  Things are finally starting to settle down [..]

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Chad’s YouTube Picks 1-3

As we prepare to move to Pittsburgh, PA in June 2012, my time to blog has been extremely limited. I still feel just as compelled as ever to write, [..]

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Advanced Group Piano Class Listening Goals

In May 2011, I outlined in great detail what I and my students enjoy doing so much at group piano classes. In the “High Schoolers and Adults” section, [..]


Men In Private Music Teaching

It is no groundbreaking observation to note that the vast majority of piano teachers in the United States are female.  One only needs to attend any MTNA National [..]

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