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Thinking Twice About Strict Make-Up L...

Get any group of 100 private music teachers into the same room, and more than likely a few of their discussions will find their way to the passionate subject of make-up lesson policy. Why such passion over something that seems so mundane? The passion comes out most often as a natural result of conflict teachers experience with their own clien [...]

How Multilevel Music Stores And ̶...

“Why be the cow when you can be the farmer?” In my previous article, How Music Teacher Directories Hurt Private Music Teachers, I began with the same quote and compared music teacher directories to farmers using cows for milk (and to the mafia demanding pay for protection against themselves). If those comparisons seem wild and cra [...]

How Music Teacher Directories Hurt Pr...

“Why be the cow when you can be the farmer?” I’m not sure where this quote originates, but I heard it in a Leverage episode from season 3 titled, “The Studio Job.”  The context in this case was to ask, “Why write songs yourself when you can steal others’ songs and sing them?” In other words, it& [...]

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