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Men In Private Music Teaching

It is no groundbreaking observation to note that the vast majority of piano teachers in the United States are female.  One only needs to attend any MTNA National Convention or other keyboard conference to observe this striking majority.  As of December 2011, in my local music teachers association (NNMTA), there are 55 total members, and 7 of [...]

Prospective Male Piano Teachers Are L...

In the field of private piano teaching, men make up a little over 15% of all MTNA members 1, but this low percentage isn’t all that I find peculiar about private male piano teachers. To help illustrate these oddities, consider a miniature golf analogy. We’ve all experienced endless struggle with the dreaded volcano at miniature go [...]

Bias Against Sexy Female Performance ...

Bias Against Sexy Female Performance Attire Is Not A Gender Issue
In the October/November 2010 issue of American Music Teacher, Rebecca Johnson pointed out a study done on whether female attire affects how audiences perceive females’ performances. Griffiths, the author of the study, concluded (in my own blunt summary) that women who dress in sexy clothes on stage are perceived as having less musical ability [...]

Why Gender Matters in Music Performan...

Why Gender Matters in Music Performance Anxiety
As a private piano teacher, I’ve observed over the years that my female students seem to complain more of (or be affected more by) performance anxiety than my male students do. These observations lingered and built up over the years, and then I read a fantastic book titled Why Gender Matters: What Parents and Teachers Need To Know About [...]

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