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Excessive Royalties of ASCAP and BMI

Excessive Royalties of ASCAP and BMI
When American composers want to ensure that they will always share in profit derived from their works, they most commonly turn to BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) or ASCAP (American Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers).  Unfortunately, if composers don’t register with one of these agencies, it can become difficult to enfo [...]

Technological Impact on Sheet Music a...

Technological Impact on Sheet Music and U.S. Copyright Law
In the United States, if you have a piece of sheet music that is copyrighted literally 75 years ago or more, that sheet music is in public domain, meaning you could photocopy it and even sell the photocopies for $1,000 per copy without having to worry about being sued. When copyrights are violated, publishing companies can easily detect the v [...]

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