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Piano Scale & Arpeggio Fingering...

Quantity (each pack: 5 cards)1 pack $20.00 USD2 packs $38.00 USD3 packs $54.00 USD4 packs $68.00 USD5 packs $80.00 USD6 packs $96.00 USD7 packs $112.00 USD8 packs $128.00 USD9 packs $144.00 USD10 packs $160.00 USD
Quantity (each pack 5 cards) 1 pack $20.00 USD 2 packs $38.00 USD 3 packs $54.00 USD 4 packs $68.00 USD 5 packs $80.00 USD 6 packs $96.00 USD 7 packs $112.00 USD 8 packs $128.00 USD 9 packs $144.00 USD 10 packs $160.00 USD I wanted my piano students to have a quick and easy reference for all scale and arpeggio fingerings, but I didn&# [...]

Piano Yoga: My Journey To Overcome T...

Piano Yoga:  My Journey To Overcome Tension In Piano Playing
I began learning Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 during my freshman year of college.  When the piece started to gain tempo in certain passages, these passages felt difficult when I knew they shouldn’t, and for the first time, I started feeling like I was reaching some kind of physical “ceiling” in my playing.  This realization [...]

Expertise Is Not The Result Of Pure D...

Expertise Is Not The Result Of Pure Discipline
In my Talent’s Role In Artistry blog entry, I make a case for the idea that talent exists and that it plays a notable role in the development of an artist. Most people probably don’t need to read that blog entry to arrive at such a widely-accepted conclusion. The title of this article, on the other hand, may raise some eyebrows. B [...]

Reaching The Preparation Threshold

Reaching The Preparation Threshold
Suppose you have a history of 100 performances in your past that all (or mostly all) went well.  What do you think is going to happen right before you give your 101st performance?  Naturally, you’ll have positive expectations as you walk on stage based on the overwhelming experience of having 100 successful performances, and these positive ex [...]

How Good Is Your Looking Technique?

How Good Is Your Looking Technique?
That’s right, the last two words of this article’s title are not accidentally swapped.  We’re going to talk about the technique of looking.  Most of us are well-aware of the four types of memory available when we memorize music:  audio, visual, kinesthetic, and analytical.  However, I believe that many are not aware of just [...]

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