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Piano Scale & Arpeggio Fingering Cards

I wanted my piano students to have a quick and easy reference for all scale and arpeggio fingerings, but I didn’t feel that an entire book should be [..]

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Teaching My Own Children To Play Piano

Whenever I tell people that I give piano lessons to my own daughters, the most common response is any combination of joy and curiosity, such as, “That’s great [..]

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Advanced Group Piano Class Listening Goals

In May 2011, I outlined in great detail what I and my students enjoy doing so much at group piano classes. In the “High Schoolers and Adults” section, [..]


The Ultimate Group Piano Class Activity

Studying piano privately can be a lonely experience without social performance events.  That’s why I always looked forward to special music events such as festivals and recitals when [..]


Honoring Responsibility With MTNA Certification (NCTM)

Auto mechanics have a responsibility when they work on our cars, so there are standards in the mechanic field.  Dentists have a responsibility when they work on our [..]

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Attending Conferences By Sponsorship

When a company wants to invest in their employees, they will often pay for the entire trip to go to a conference or seminar.  Companies recognize that while [..]

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Piano Scale / Arpeggio Fingering Sheet & Progress Sheet

Scales and arpeggios have been an integral part of keyboard technique since before the piano was invented, and fingerings haven’t changed for hundreds of years.  So then, why [..]

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Sight-Reading And Memorizing: You Can Do Both

This article points out the inverted relationship that memorizing and sight-reading have with each other and also suggests that being a slow sight-reader produces numerous advantageous side effects for the stage performer. Read more »

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Talent’s Role In Artistry

It’s important to realize how critical of a role hard work plays in developing any skill, whether it be soccer, chess or music.  But it simply isn’t truthful [..]

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