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Piano Scale & Arpeggio Fingering...

Quantity (each pack: 5 cards)1 pack $20.00 USD2 packs $38.00 USD3 packs $54.00 USD4 packs $68.00 USD5 packs $80.00 USD6 packs $96.00 USD7 packs $112.00 USD8 packs $128.00 USD9 packs $144.00 USD10 packs $160.00 USD
Quantity (each pack 5 cards) 1 pack $20.00 USD 2 packs $38.00 USD 3 packs $54.00 USD 4 packs $68.00 USD 5 packs $80.00 USD 6 packs $96.00 USD 7 packs $112.00 USD 8 packs $128.00 USD 9 packs $144.00 USD 10 packs $160.00 USD I wanted my piano students to have a quick and easy reference for all scale and arpeggio fingerings, bu [...]

Teaching My Own Children To Play Pian...

Whenever I tell people that I give piano lessons to my own daughters, the most common response is any combination of joy and curiosity, such as, “That’s great that you are able to do that! I’ve known many parents who weren’t as lucky – what’s your secret?” Many ask me about what I do during lessons an [...]

Advanced Group Piano Class Listening ...

Music Tree
In May 2011, I outlined in great detail what I and my students enjoy doing so much at group piano classes. In the “High Schoolers and Adults” section, I mentioned that I sometimes like to assign each student their own musical issue to listen to.  I’ve been doing this exclusively with all seven of my advanced high schoolers o [...]

The Ultimate Group Piano Class Activi...

The Ultimate Group Piano Class Activity
Studying piano privately can be a lonely experience without social performance events.  That’s why I always looked forward to special music events such as festivals and recitals when I was younger.  Perhaps the most social of all piano events is the group piano class, which I’ll just refer to as “class” in this article [...]

Honoring Responsibility With MTNA Cer...

Auto mechanics have a responsibility when they work on our cars, so there are standards in the mechanic field.  Dentists have a responsibility when they work on our teeth, so of course they have standards too.  The presence of responsibility is what leads to the necessity of standards.  I have always felt very strongly that the field of music [...]

Attending Conferences By Sponsorship

Attending Conferences By Sponsorship
When a company wants to invest in their employees, they will often pay for the entire trip to go to a conference or seminar.  Companies recognize that while they are investing in the employees, ultimately they are investing in the company and benefitting the company’s clients.  School districts work the same way:  teachers are encourage [...]

Piano Scale / Arpeggio Fingering Shee...

Piano Scale / Arpeggio Fingering Sheet & Progress Sheet
Scales and arpeggios have been an integral part of keyboard technique since before the piano was invented, and fingerings haven’t changed for hundreds of years.  So then, why do scale and arpeggio books continue to sell in sheet music stores?  I suppose it’s easier to have students buy these materials than it is to construct our o [...]

Sight-Reading And Memorizing: You Can...

Sight-Reading And Memorizing: You Can Do Both
I cannot count how many times I’ve heard these two myths in my years of piano teaching: “I am really good at memorizing music but my sight-reading is horrible.” [most commonly from music students in beginning through advanced levels] “I am really good at sight-reading music but can’t memorize to save my life. [...]

Talent’s Role In Artistry

Talent’s Role In Artistry
It’s important to realize how critical of a role hard work plays in developing any skill, whether it be soccer, chess or music.  But it simply isn’t truthful to ignore the role of talent.  Many people don’t acknowledge this role nearly as much as it should be, even sometimes subscribing to the myth that there is no such thin [...]

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