Chad’s YouTube Picks 7-9

Speaking Piano

For those readers who do play piano at a high level, surely you’ve had lessons at some point in your life during which your instructor asked you to communicate with the music, to speak with the music, make your phrases ask questions and make statements, make the piano sing, and/or a variety of other requests that serve as analogies to human speech and communication. Well, all you need to do is learn Continue reading

Chad’s YouTube Picks 4-6

I’ve been away from blogging for a few months now, obviously due to the time requirements of moving across the country.  Things are finally starting to settle down to the point where I can begin to think less about urgent things such as registering vehicles, finding a pediatrician/dentist/etc. appointments, and unpacking, and more about important things such as composing music, practicing music, teaching music, reading about music and writing about music.

Still, I’m not quite at the point where I have consistent time every week to write quality blog articles, so I thought I’d hold my readers over with one more post on YouTube picks.

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Chad’s YouTube Picks 1-3

As we prepare to move to Pittsburgh, PA in June 2012, my time to blog has been extremely limited. I still feel just as compelled as ever to write, but my life has been taken over by helping students find new teachers, planning my grand finale studio recital, and countless other things that are too numerous to mention.  As my patient readers wait for my life to settle down again, I thought this would be a good time to share some YouTube videos that I’ve been saving up for a while now.

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