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Monthly archives for November, 2009

Sight-Reading And Memorizing: You Can...

Sight-Reading And Memorizing: You Can Do Both
I cannot count how many times I’ve heard these two myths in my years of piano teaching: “I am really good at memorizing music but my sight-reading is horrible.” [most commonly from music students in beginning through advanced levels] “I am really good at sight-reading music but can’t memorize to save my life. [...]

Talent’s Role In Artistry

Talent’s Role In Artistry
It’s important to realize how critical of a role hard work plays in developing any skill, whether it be soccer, chess or music.  But it simply isn’t truthful to ignore the role of talent.  Many people don’t acknowledge this role nearly as much as it should be, even sometimes subscribing to the myth that there is no such thin [...]

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