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Monthly archives for January, 2011

Piano Yoga: My Journey To Overcome T...

Piano Yoga:  My Journey To Overcome Tension In Piano Playing
I began learning Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 during my freshman year of college.  When the piece started to gain tempo in certain passages, these passages felt difficult when I knew they shouldn’t, and for the first time, I started feeling like I was reaching some kind of physical “ceiling” in my playing.  This realization [...]

Piano Scale / Arpeggio Fingering Shee...

Piano Scale / Arpeggio Fingering Sheet & Progress Sheet
Scales and arpeggios have been an integral part of keyboard technique since before the piano was invented, and fingerings haven’t changed for hundreds of years.  So then, why do scale and arpeggio books continue to sell in sheet music stores?  I suppose it’s easier to have students buy these materials than it is to construct our o [...]

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