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Monthly archives for March, 2011

Excessive Royalties of ASCAP and BMI

Excessive Royalties of ASCAP and BMI
When American composers want to ensure that they will always share in profit derived from their works, they most commonly turn to BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) or ASCAP (American Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers).  Unfortunately, if composers don’t register with one of these agencies, it can become difficult to enfo [...]

Memorized Performance: Showing Respec...

Memorized Performance: Showing Respect To The Audience
The word appearance often carries a negative connotation in society.  Disney movies and bedtime stories tell us most definitely not to be concerned about outward appearances when the quality of our character is all that matters.  While this is sound advice for daily living, in my opinion it isn’t good advice for a performer in front of [...]

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