Advanced Group Piano Class Listening Goals

In May 2011, I outlined in great detail what I and my students enjoy doing so much at group piano classes. In the “High Schoolers and Adults” section, I mentioned that I sometimes like to assign each student their own musical issue to listen to.  I’ve been doing this exclusively with all seven of my advanced high schoolers over the past year, and we’ve all come to really love this way of giving feedback. The only problems with this way of doing things:

  1. Sometimes we start losing track of who is assigned to what issue.
  2. Every time we have a class, there is a different number of students, which means there will be a different number of issues to rotate between them. It’s a pain to have to spend a few minutes each class prioritizing what musical issues to cover.

So, after a class yesterday with 7 advanced high school students, I finally decided to make charts that would cover anywhere between 3 and 8 students that we can refer to in future classes.  I decided to share these charts with other teachers so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Continue reading