How Multilevel Music Stores And “Schools” Hurt Private Music Teachers

“Why be the cow when you can be the farmer?”

In my previous article, How Music Teacher Directories Hurt Private Music Teachers, I began with the same quote and compared music teacher directories to farmers using cows for milk (and to the mafia demanding pay for protection against themselves). If those comparisons seem wild and crazy, be sure to read the article to find out why they are not. In that article, I promised to discuss another example of how certain business people exploit private music teachers.

Giving lessons in a music store is one of the best ways to start out teaching. Teachers pay an hourly or monthly fee to rent a teaching studio in a store. A teacher usually gets a considerable number of referrals from this, and stores also benefit from this deal since teachers bring a lot of people into their stores every week, generating sheet music sales and instrument rentals. Perhaps most importantly, it creates great loyalty between teachers and stores. Even after leaving a music store I taught at for several years, I remained loyal to this store, sending them a great deal of sheet music and piano purchase business.

Unfortunately, many stores take it further than the simple rental scenario: they take Continue reading