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Why Gender Matters in Music Performance Anxiety

As a private piano teacher, I’ve observed over the years that my female students seem to complain more of (or be affected more by) performance anxiety than my [..]

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Why Memorize Music? Respect, Communication, Enjoyment And Skill

The word appearance often carries a negative connotation in society. Disney movies and bedtime stories tell us most definitely not to be concerned about outward appearances when the [..]

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Piano Yoga: My Journey To Overcome Tension In Piano Playing

I began learning Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 during my freshman year of college.  When the piece started to gain tempo in certain passages, these passages felt difficult when [..]

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Studies Addressing Piano Voodoo of Tone Production

In July 2010, I wrote about The Piano Voodoo of Tone Production, which demonstrates that pianists cannot control timbre of a single note independently of volume because of [..]

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The Piano Voodoo of Tone Production

Note (6/27/16):  This article, first published in 2010, as well as the follow-up article (Studies Addressing Piano Voodoo of Tone Production), were edited and combined into one article, [..]

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Reaching The Preparation Threshold

Students, and unfortunately most teachers, believe that a student should move on from one piece to the next before the first piece is truly mastered. This article explores the benefits and psychology of working more extensively on repertoire before moving on. Read more »

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Tenuto and Portato

The tenuto mark is by far the most confusing symbol in all of musical notation.  I’ve noticed that transfer students rarely even know what it is called, much less [..]

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How Good Is Your Looking Technique?

That’s right, the last two words of this article’s title are not accidentally swapped.  We’re going to talk about the technique of looking.  Most of us are well-aware [..]

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Talent’s Role In Artistry

It’s important to realize how critical of a role hard work plays in developing any skill, whether it be soccer, chess or music.  But it simply isn’t truthful [..]

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