Wanting to have me review your composition, book, CD or website?  Unfortunately, when I started this blog, I quickly realized that I didn’t want to accept “review” or “link” offers of any kind since accepting one means accepting all of them if I want to be nice to everyone (which I want to be).  Also, I want very much to keep this blog free of any “commercialized” feel and keep it as educational as possible.  The most I ever stray from this philosophy is to include affiliate links to products, and once in a while I give people updates on what is going on with me if I haven’t written for a while (usually there’s a good reason for this, such as moving across the country).

I totally respect others who operate blogs with a different philosophy – I see nothing wrong with a little commercialization elsewhere.  It’s just not my own cup of tea.

You may reach me privately at chad [at) twedt {dot| com.

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  1. Tony Boyce

    Chad I want to thank you for your posts and website. I am a music teacher and continuing music student. I have had teachers and now I am one. Being a male and father of four children, I was wondering about the gender thing. After reading your articles, I now make no apologies for my profession of private music teacher. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous

    Your Piano voodoo article is brilliant.

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