Websites I’ve Created

  • – My professional website which includes five CDs, sheet music, video, and information about my teaching.
  • My Piano Studio – The general public might be interested in taking a look at my extensive suggestions for classical piano CDs (see Shopping section), not to mention all the links on the right.
  • Read Twedt – My blog of miscellaneous subjects.
  • – A website devoted to understanding the Matrix movies (the most elaborate website I’ve constructed).
  • – Website for the Nevada Music Teachers Association (state affiliate of Music Teachers National Association). Be sure to check out the unique site map I created, the contact form (I’m proud of the random human verification questions I came up with), and be sure to check out this website anytime during the month of December for a surprise that I programmed into the website.

Other Blogs (alphabetical order)

  • 3-D Piano – Blog by Fred Karpoff, developer of 3-D Piano (“Mastering Piano by Mastering Your Body”).
  • Being Musical. Being Human. – A researched and well-written blog by Dr. Robert H. Woody (teacher of music education and music psychology).
  • Color in My Piano – A high-quality blog by Joy Morin devoted to supporting piano teachers.
  • Playing Piano:  Jaak Sikk’s Piano Blog – A thoughtful blog with many YouTube videos offering tips and insight into this piano teacher’s methods and philosophies.
  • Sound Post, The – A newspaper style blog focusing on news events in the world of music.
  • Susan Paridis Piano Teaching Resources – An amazing collection of fun printables students can use to learn music fundamentals
  • Think Denk – Entertaining blog of concert pianist Jeremy Denk.
  • Well-Tempered Blog, The – Blog by Bart Collins, a “random series of posts, revels, and links to all things piano, classical, and such.”


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